Thursday, April 12, 2012

How the Blue Unicorn Came to Be

I started on a new image and thought I would share another one my processes. This time a Drypoint. It's an "old school" printing method that I use with some modern touches. I started with my own snap shots and lucky for me, and you, my friend was with me the day I printed to document the printing process. So here goes...
Started with a sketch.

I attach the drawing to the back of a piece of plexi glass and tediously scratch away. Driving my husband crazy in the evening while we are watching tv. Oh, but sometimes, the sound is drowned out by the motor noise of the younger boy and his matchbox drag races.

When plate is ready, I prep the ink with my secret recipe. For my cousin, that is rum in the glass ;) I'm using a Daniel Smith etching ink for this one. Then start frosting the plate, squishing it into the lines. The plexi plate is on one of my high dollar/high tech pieces of equipment, a hot plate. It warms the ink and makes it easier to squish into the grooves and whipping off the ink you don't want.

A tarlatan ( basically a stiffened cheesecloth) is used to work the ink into the grooves more and then to wipe off the surface ink.

Before the ink was prepped, the paper was torn to sizes I needed and put in it's cold bath of water. Soaking while I was playing with ink it's ready to go for printing. I use another of my high-tech system for blotting the paper.

Crank it through the press and wallah ...

This one is embellished with iridescent watercolors

Sunday, November 20, 2011

On A Painting Marathon and the Bear's Story

I've been on a painting marathon. Some times Awen just hits me and keeps on coming. I was finishing up on the Moon Dance and dug out the most recent bear painting which I started for last years holiday card, and viola I have this years card ready for scanning!

Well I might as well share the Bear's story. It all started with Mama and Baby Bear coming out of their hibernation to celebrate the season.
They crafted a star of pine cones to decorate their tree.

Then they hung out to watch the Northern Lights.

A few years later I met my wonderful husband and we moved into a new house and the bear's tree was brought inside.

Baby Bear grew into Teen Bear and Father Bear made his appearance with the new furry ball of joy.

The Bear family did some trick or treating at the house one year.

Later they did some sledding for the holiday.

The next year they did some other kind of sledding.

That brings us to this year when the bears are reeking havoc at the hanger with the poodles barking away.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Further Progress

Unicorn, On Mushrooms, and Dancing Under The Moon

2 Finished ...

I'm finding Dancing Under the Moon a little more difficult to complete. The small figures are a challenge and conveying the light of the moon isn't coming though. When I took the snapshot of the latest one I got shadows across it and thought "aha, that's it" So we will see, till next time.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Faeries, Unicorns, and Dancing Under the Moon.

I've been commissioned for 3 Faerie paintings. It's been a while since I've done faeries and am excited for the opportunity! Of course we need a unicorn, the moon and stars, oh and some mushrooms to complete the magic.

An older etching of mine that has inspired the sketches

"On Mushrooms"

"Dancing in the Moonlight"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Raven Fire

My first story illustrations. Raven Fire, written by Cori Bailey. Click on the images to read through the story.

To be Continued...